Best phone under 15000 in India 2021

Best phone under 15000 in India 2021

Friends, today I have brought 3 such tremendous phones for you. Which I think is that these top 3 best phones are the best purchasing between 10 to 15 thousand. Which you can also call the money collected phone. See, friends, there were many phones, but you cannot take them all. Out of them, I have picked the top 3 best phone under 15000 In India according to myself. The month of July has started, if you were confused that I want the best smartphone between 10 to 15 thousand, which one to take, then I think one of the three phones may be best for you.

1. Redmi Note 10

Friends, the first best phone under 15000 In India that we have is the Redmi note 10 which has recently been launched. It’s a base variant I do not recommend you. There are very little ram and storage. The one with the higher variant is 14 thousand. 6GB RAM 128GB storage. Along with LPDDR 4X ram support and UFS2.2 storage support, here you will be able to do very well in this task of friends day to day life, as well as multimedia, you will not have any issues.


The software is MIUI12, but soon MIUI12.5 will come, so maybe some improvements can be made to it. If you get android 11, then you get that good thing here. The display friends are very interesting, AMOLED display is very bright according to the price. Experience will be very good in that case. And the screen-to-body ratio was also very good for me according to the price. Although under the display is the fingerprint but gets side-mounted and it is much faster.


The camera is a 48MP quad-camera at the back. And here friends, which is a primary sensor have a Sony sensor. You can take good photos with a primary sensor. It is also ultra-wide and has two micro and depth sensors, which we do not use much. Anyway, the selfie is also good I think so of 13MP.The price is not very good but you can take a good selfie and if you want to make video calls. then, in this case, this 13MP selfie is very good for you.

Battery & Performance:-

5000 mAh battery is friends, big battery and 33w will get fast charging support, then charging. You also get good and the battery is also good. And the performance that is last but not on the list is a very interesting snapdragon 678 processor.

This chipset is very good for the long term and friends for gaming too, you will get to play the game on high graphics, then you also get good here. Another thing friends build is not its polycarbonate but it looks very comfortable. And especially the white one, it looks very good.

Common features:-

The remaining type is a C port, 3.5mm jack, dual mice, dual mice, a dedicated micro-sd card slot for noise cancellation and dual stereo speaker, and yes with IR blaster. So these are all the extra features which are very important inside the phone which you find inside it. I think this smartphone in the range of 14 thousand is one of the best phone under 15000 in India, which I recommend you here.

2. Realme 8

Apart from that, friends, for 15 thousand rupees, best phone under 15000 In India. I think this smartphone is also very interesting. Yes, friends, this is Realme 8 You get 4GB of RAM 128GB storage, and also the RAM support which is LPDDR 4X and the storage that you get is UFS2.1. It has Realme UI 2 and ANDROID 11 and the friend’s app here is open close, multitasking, which is the speed, the experience that you will have in the UI will be very good.You are going to be very good at this day-to-day life task.


In this too, friends you get an AMOLED display, yes, the display is very bright, screen to body ratio you get very good, and also they have given a touch sampling rate of 180hz. But the best thing is friends under a fingerprint scanner, yes, friends. So in the range of 15 thousand is a very good thing, a lot of people demand it, so here you get all those things.


The camera friends are very interesting, the 64MP quad-camera setup is there, the primary one is the Samsung sensor, however, it also has an ultra-wide sensor. The other two are two-megapixel micro and depth. overall camera guys are very good. The good photo you can take and selfie is also good is 16mp. The battery is also good 5000mah and you get the support of 30w fast charging. There is also a charger in the box, so the charging is also good and the battery is also good, both things are good here.


Talking about performance, the MediaTek helio is G95. Generally, if you get a little better than snapdragon 678 for gaming, then you will be a little smoother in it. Yes, there is a bit of heat, if compare with the chipset of snapdragon. But overall friends gaming is going to be very good for you. And finally, if you talk about the design, you would get polycarbonate back in this too, but it has also come with a slightly different design, just dare to leap if not, I think it looks even better.

Common Features:-

The rest also has a 3.5mm jack, dual-mic noise cancellation, type c port, dedicated micro sd card. But here you do not get stereo speakers. The rest overall I think it is also a very interesting smartphone in the 15 thousand range, which I recommend you.

3. POCO X3

The last best phone under 15000 In India. which I think you should also recommend. Its base variant is currently available for 17 thousand 6GB RAM 64GB storage. But as soon as POCO X3 PRO became launch, they reduced its price to 15 thousand, yes, this is friends POCO X3. You will get it in 15 thousand now, it will be effective from today, so they told you, you can check it out on Flipkart.


I think 64GB is less at this price, you thought a thousand more than 128GB would be better for you if you make it a higher variant. Now friends in this you get Qualcomm snapdragon 732g is a very interesting chipset. gaming would be great. According to the price, I think you will enjoy it a lot.

Camera & Battery:-

Together friends here the camera is very good 64mp quad camera, sony sensor is yes, and 20mp you get a selfie. So camera which is friends and selfie both you get good. There is a 6000mah battery and 33w has also given you a charger in the box. So the charging is also very good and the battery is also very good for you.


Friends here have a display IPS but higher refresh is 120hz, big display and screen to body ratio you get very good, then you will have a very smooth display and the side-mounted fingerprint scanner has given yes friends here you don’t get the in-display fingerprint.

By the way, you have LPDDR 4X RAM support and ufs2.1 you get storage support. So the tasks of day to day life will also be very fast. By the way, MIUI is also in it as well as the Poco launcher.

Common Features:-

Talking about the rest of the design, it also has a polycarbonate back, yes friends it is not glass back and here friends dual-mic is for noise cancellation, you get an IR blaster, 3.5mm jack, type c port and dual stereo speaker. Is just a hybrid slot. It would have been much better if it had a dedicated micro sd card. But I think friends in the price range of 15 thousand is also a very interesting smartphone, which I recommend you here.

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