Google Changed Android for India: Learn everything in five points

Google Changed Android for India: The localization of this domestic OS occurred when Google recently faced a legal challenge in India over its Android operating system. It has increased excitement and questions with trust being a major factor.

Google Changed Android for India
Google Changed Android for India

Google Adapted Android for India

Recently, the Union Minister for Education, Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal, and the Union Minister for IT, Mrs. Ashwini Choubey, successfully tested BharOS India. The Prime Minister praised BharOS as a step towards self-reliant and strong digital infrastructure in India, following PM Modi’s vision. Now, there’s a growing buzz about the domestically developed mobile operating system, BharOS. Developed by IIT Madras, this mobile OS is being considered as a rival to Google’s Android.

Google’s adaptation of Android for India came about after facing legal trouble with their Android OS in the country. This has raised enthusiasm and questions. Here, we will attempt to understand what BharOS is and why it’s being talked about.

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What is BharOS?

BharOS, also known as “Bharosa,” is a domestic mobile operating system. Simply put, it’s a Linux-kernel-based operating system like Android, but with some differences. Unlike Android, it doesn’t come pre-loaded with any apps, giving users the freedom to choose and download their own apps. This mobile operating system offers users more independence, control, and flexibility to choose and use apps that meet their needs.

IIT Madras has developed a mobile operating system called “IIT Madras Incubation Firmware”. This software can be installed on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) handsets. It offers high-tech security and privacy. The goal is to reach 100 crore mobile users in India.

Is BharOS the same as Android?

Google Changed Android for India. Well, Bharosa is based on the Linux Kernel like Android, but with some changes such as not coming with preloaded apps. Instead of forcing users to use certain apps, Bharosa gives them the choice to select the apps they want. BharOS only gives access to apps from the trusted private app store called PASS.

Only apps that have been fully checked and meet the organization’s security and privacy standards can reach the curated list in PASS. This means users can feel confident that the apps they install on their devices are safe and they can trust those apps.

BharOS First Indian Mobile OS?

Android vs BharOS
Android vs BharOS

No, it’s not true. In 2007, the government of India’s unit Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) started the Indian Operating System Solutions (BOSS) as an alternative to Microsoft Windows. Based on Linux, the goal of BOSS was to create a locally made operating system in India. However, due to lack of investment and government support, BOSS was quickly forgotten.

Is BharOS Available For Everyone?

At the moment, information about the availability of BharOS is not available. The manufacturers say that they are currently providing the BharOS service to organizations that have strict needs for privacy and security and whose users handle confidential information. Essentially, users in restricted mobile apps who require private communication will need access to a secure personal 5G network and a private cloud service for secure personal communication.

How Will BharOS Offer Apps?

Google has changed Android for India. BharOS will only offer access to trustworthy apps through its private app store service (PASS). This means that users will only be able to access apps that have been carefully prepared through the BharOS PASS, ensuring that they adhere to the organization’s specific security and privacy standards. In contrast, Google checks all apps and developers through Google Play Protect to make sure they follow good practices and immediately blocks anyone who violates their policies.

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