Nokia Knight 5G 2023 Price, Release Date and Full Specifications

Nokia Knight 5G 2023 Price, Release Date and Full Specifications: such as 12GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 898 5G chipset, and a large 7,000mAh battery. Scheduled for release, the Nokia Knight 5G 2023 is sure to be a hit with fans of mobile devices and technology. As a special treat, we are excited to share the news of this highly anticipated smartphone model from HMD Global, a leading worldwide home branding and life science company. Don’t miss out on the Nokia Knight 5G 2023, available soon.

Nokia Knight 5G 2023 Full Specifications
Nokia Knight 5G 2023 Price, Release Date and Full Specifications

If you are in the market for a new Nokia smartphone, you can’t go wrong by choosing a model from the trusted brand. With a strong focus on production, Nokia has built a solid reputation as one of the top smartphone brands worldwide. Make the smart choice and go with Nokia for your next smartphone purchase.

Name Nokia Knight 5G
Release Date December 2023 (Expected)
Price $399.99 USD
Ram/Rom 10/12GB RAM and 256/512GB ROM
Battery Capacity 8,000 mAh

The Nokia Knight is the latest addition to the Nokia smartphone lineup, featuring cutting-edge 5G technology for faster download speeds and enhanced user experience. Its large screen and sleek design make it perfect for movie-watching and gaming, while its water-resistant feature makes it a great choice for active users. Discover the many benefits of the Nokia Knight today.

Nokia Knight 5G 2023 Full Specifications

We’re interested in the new Nokia Knight smartphone. It looks great and performs well. If you want to know more about the Nokia Knight 5G 2023, including its full specifications, release date, and price, you can read this article.

Nokia Knight 5G 2023 Design

The phone will have a metal frame and a glass front. We don’t know yet what colors will be available, but we think there will be four options.

Nokia Knight 5G 2023 Display

The new Nokia phone will have a big screen. The screen is 6.9 inches wide and has a 4K resolution. It’s made of OLED and has a tall design. The front and back of the phone are protected by Gorilla Glass 7.

Nokia Knight 5G 2023 Camera

Nokia Knight 5G 2023 Price, Release Date and Full Specifications

The Nokia Knight 2023 has four cameras on the back with resolutions of 108MP, 32MP, 16MP, and 8MP. It also has a 64-megapixel camera for taking selfies and video chatting.

Nokia Knight 5G 2023 Processor

The storage and RAM options for the Nokia phone will be different. It will have 256/512GB of storage and 10/12GB of RAM. You can also add an SD card for up to 1TB of storage. The phone will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 5G Platform.

Nokia Knight 5G 2023 Battery

The Nokia Knight 5G 2023 has a long battery life because of its 8000-mAh battery. It supports 4.0 fast charging and can be charged up to 65 extra times. You don’t need to buy a wireless charger because it charges quickly. The 5G Nokia phone with ultra-high resolution will be fully charged in no time.

Nokia Knight 5G 2023 Sensors

The next phone will have options for a fingerprint reader, Face ID sensor, infrared camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetic sensor, and heading sensor.

Nokia Knight 5G 2023 Price

Nokia has not announced the official price for this phone yet, but we have an estimate. Experts think it will be sold for a good price. The Nokia Knight is expected to cost approx RS 30,999 ($399).

Nokia Knight 5G 2023 price in USA$399.99
Nokia Knight price in India30,966 Indian Rupee
Nokia Knight price in Australia556 Australian Dollar
Nokia Knight price in Germany374 Germany Euro
Nokia Knight price in Canada505 Canadian Dollar

Nokia Knight 5G 2023 Release Date

The Nokia Knight smartphone is expected to be on sale in December 2023. If you’re thinking of buying this phone, wait until then. The release date could change, so wait for an official announcement or sign up for updates to stay informed.


The Nokia Knight 5G 2023 is a good choice for people looking for a smartphone with lots of features that is still affordable. It has a big screen, 12GB of RAM, and a strong battery. The Knight is also good for people who like to be entertained because it has a lot of apps and games already installed. The Nokia Knight is definitely worth considering if you want a cheaper alternative to the newest high-end smartphones.

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