Protect Your Phone from the Youtube Virus: Here’s How

Malware-infected YouTube videos are on the rise every month, with a surge of 200-300%. These types of malware, including Vidar, RedLine, and Raccoon, can infect your phone with the Youtube Virus. Be cautious when watching YouTube videos, especially those that offer free downloads of cracked software versions, as they are the ones that commonly have malicious links. To protect your phone from the Youtube Virus, be vigilant about what you click on while watching YouTube videos. Learn how to protect your phone from the Youtube Virus with these simple steps.

Are you aware that the Youtube Virus can infect your phone through its vast collection of informational videos? Despite having approximately 2.5 billion users worldwide, YouTube is not immune to malware-infected videos such as Vidar, RedLine, and Raccoon. It’s essential to safeguard your phone from these malicious viruses to prevent potential damage. Cyber intelligence firm CloudSEK has shared their insights on how to protect your phone from the Youtube Virus. Keep reading to learn more about safeguarding your phone from these dangerous viruses.

The Rising Threat of Malware-Infected YouTube Videos

CloudSEK has released a report from November 2022 until now. The report states that there is a surge of 200-300% in malware-infected YouTube videos every month. These types of malware are identified as Vidar, RedLine, and Raccoon.

Protect Your Phone from the Youtube Virus Here's How
Protect Your Phone from the Youtube Virus : photo : technobes

Links that contain malware are most commonly found with YouTube videos that offer free downloads of cracked software versions. People often try to download cracked versions of software such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Autodesk 3ds Max, and AutoCAD.

These types of videos are usually created using a screen recorder app, but in recent months they have been created using artificial intelligence platforms such as Synthesia and D-ID. While these platforms are providing free services, they are also spreading malware.

YouTube’s Review Process and Infostealer Malware

The report also states that YouTube’s review process does not allow cybercriminals to stay on their platform for too long. As soon as it is found that a video is causing trouble for many users, YouTube removes it. Additionally, the account that uploaded the video is also banned. According to the report, these types of videos contain infostealer malware, which is designed specifically to gather important information from a computer or device.

How to Protect Your Phone from the Youtube Virus?

The first way to avoid these software links is to not click on the links that appear with a YouTube video. Usually, these types of links are given in the video’s description. These links trick you into downloading a cracked version of software.

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