Google MusicLM: Create Music from Words with Cutting-Edge Technology

Google MusicLM
image: google

The company says that Google MusicLM is a text-to-music generation system and can be very helpful for music makers. With this tool, sounds up to 24 kHz can be generated.

Google introduces a new musical tool MusicLM based on Artificial Intelligence. The tool converts text into music and supports various devices for different sound outputs. The tool is not yet available for the public, as Google released a research paper called ‘MusicLM: Generate Music From Text.

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Google MusicLM

Google has a new AI tool that works similarly to OpenAI’s GPT-3 and DALL-E. The company says that Google MusicLM is a text-to-music generation system that can help music makers. The tool can generate sound up to 24 kHz and can compose music for several minutes.

The company claims that the songs created by the AI tool have better quality and audio than others. However, the company has not released it for the public yet and it is not clear when they will.

The company stated in their research paper that MusicLM can be set for text and rhythm and it can change the style of lyrics and tunes according to the text caption style. Google has also released some examples created by AI that seem promising.

Investing in Google AI

According to a recent report, Google may roll out various new AI-based products to compete with ChatGPT. The company is said to be working on a new version of its AI-powered search engine to maintain its dominance in the market, competing with Microsoft.

The report states that Google could announce about 21 new AI-based products this year, which may be released in May. It is also said that Microsoft, with its widely used search engine, is giving Google a very tough competition by working on an AI-powered search engine.

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